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cur wrote in tf_postsecrets
Hi everyone,
So nice to see more and more people joining, I have a good feeling about this! :)

What I wanted to say is that in addition to being members of the community (which you all obviously are), you should go to the community profile page and add tf_postsecrets as your FRIEND. Some of you have done this but not all of you, and I'm not sure if you can see all the entries if you aren't a friend as well as a member. Now I'm not SURE if this is the case, you might see all entries just fine, and I assume you all do, but please do this anyway, just in case :).


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Hey Cur.

Trying crediting people for the icons you take.

The icon you're using now? Iconomicon.

Doesn't take much intelligence or effort. Really.

If you took a look at my user pic selection, I have credited most of the pics. I do apologise for not crediting this one, I'm a long-time member of iconomicon on my other lj account and do appreciate you guys' work very much. The only reason why I have not credited some pics is because I used to just save on my computer without writing in the file name where it's from, so when I take an icon like that in use, I can't remember where it's from.

So thank you for this, I have now given the community credit.

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